Guess the Tornado!!

Doug Lee

It's been a while since someone got one of these threads going, so I thought I'd give it a shot. May also be good practice for the upcoming storm season!

[Broken External Image]:

First person to correctly guess this one gets to post the next. I'll reveal the answer either tomorrow or Wednesday night.
Originally posted by Sam Sagnella
What's a torando? :p :lol:

It's a special kind of spelling vacuum.. IT SUCKS! :lol:

And, uh, I'll take the liberty of correcting the spelling on the title of this thread unless it was meant to be that way! :wink: In which case, the creator of the torando thread can PM me to tell me! :D
That's Xenia, all right--the classic photo taken from Greene Memorial Hospital.

A few years ago, I purchased the 25th anniversary tornado edition of the Xenia Daily Gazette, as well as the last available copy (or so I was told) of the one-year edition. Stunning reportage, with some images you just can't find online--although there are a fair number of pretty cool online images. Check out the websites of Kitty Merchant and Homer Ramby. Ramby's site also includes an amazing audio of the Xenia tornado. As the story goes, a guy left his cassette recorder running as the tornado approached and eventually destroyed his house. The recorder survived and was recovered. Make sure you turn up the sound!
Originally posted by Sam Sagnella
What's a torando? :p :lol:

That's what a guy with dyslexic fingers calls a tornado!

I knew this might be easy to someone to guess this one.

And you're supposed to guess, and not use the properties box. If you own a book with the pic, that's okay. These "guess the tornado" threads are an exercise to see how acquainted you are with tornado history, not how much you kmopw about computers.

It's Joe's turn to post one!

BTW, I like to see I'm not the only one on here who catches spelling errors. But sometimes, I don't take take the time to proofread my own posts.