Greyhound bus driving into a tornado

Douglas Mitchell

A little late but I finally got this video online. This was my video from the May 13th Knox County, TX storm. The video quality was turned down to allow for faster transfer, I hope to get a better quality one online soon.

And yes, we were listening to techno during tornadogenesis.
Cool video :wink:
I remember that bus. It was full of children that made an incredible noise.
But I didn't think that the bus driver was so much crazy to drive inside the tornado!If Tim Samaras had known before.... :lol:
Im guessing that the driver of the bus never idenitified it as a tornado as it didnt have the classic look that the general public is use to seeing. Proberly just an everyday dust cloud to him/her.

Still, if I was a driver of a bus hauling children around, I wouldn't drive into a large rotating dust cloud... I can understand that he probably wasn't able to identify it as a tornado, but I still think that it is pretty ignorant.. good video though.. I wish people in general, like this bus driver, were a little more weather-wise. We would have less weather fatalities each year if that was the case... :(