Great sign for chasing

Dan Robinson

Do my eyes deceive me???


No, it's true!!!

We paid $1.96/gallon for gas in Evansville, Indiana. That is the first time I have seen gas under $2 for a LONG time.
Its quite amazing the difference it makes while chasing. Personally I never thought I would see gas a dollar anything agian but all across MO on Friday we were paying under $2 I would think this is gonna have to have some sort of major impact on our economy with people used to paying $3 thats a lot of extra income that everyone is gonna bring in, if prices hold here or drop even more I would imagine department stores will see a record number of sales this christmas and while not likely if this trend continues into next spring I'm sure the roads will be loaded with chasers
Dan, first of all, congratulation on your last monster that you did catch. ;)

As to gas price, I have to confirm that also here in Italy gas prices are slowing down. That's really a good sign for future chasing.
Gas has been just under $2 here in Ames for about 2 weeks I believe, somewhere around there. Definately some of the lowest in the country in Missouri and Iowa and even Kansas is quite low. Looking up the averages for states across the county, nobody is under $2 for an statewide average, but a couple are close.

Missouri - 2.05
Kentucky - 2.09
Iowa - 2.10
Lucky you guys...Its about 2.79 a gallon here in Denver. Almost better to bike than to drive...Even at that rate, its the lowest ive seen in a while.
It got down below 2 dollars a gallon down here last week. It was at 1.96 when I was driving home from work yesterday. I've got to fill up today, so hopefully it's gone down another cent or two. :)
Getting down close to 2 bux a gallon here in Memphis too, finally. Bad thing is, people have been paying so much for gas over recent times that they are thinking these are decent prices. Granted, still better than 3 bux a gallon, but prices are still ridiculous.
Actually, Detroit tends to be higher than most places. This is because of additional additives that need to be put into the gasoline due to its proximity to the Great Lakes.

Detroit is usually about 20-25 cents a gallon higher than down here in Oklahoma.

I know, because I'm originally from there.
Yep, I filled up for $1.99 in Springfield, IL coming home Friday after the chase. That was the first I had seen gas under 2 bucks since last fall! And to think, they were predicting us to drop to $2 around Thanksgiving. Only two months early! :) I'm afraid to get used to it though, you have to assume it won't last terribly long.
Still hovering around the $2.30s here in west Texas. Although I see it's down another 4 cents from yesterday. Far cry from the $2.99/gal not too long ago though.
$1.89 in my old stomping grounds of Mustang, OK. Keep em going down and I will be very happy. I was listening to CNN on my Xm and there was a lone prediction of gas going down to $1.50 by December. Dig a hole and get a 500 gal tank and pump it full because this won’t last very long. Come spring they will go right back up $2.50+.

now running 3oz of Acentone on fill ups, havent done the mileage checks yet (its supposed to increase mileage 8% to 20%?)
its sure runs better and keeps those injectors clean, cheap clean addive - and probably cleans carbon safely too which can't be bad. Go on line and check out some of the latest reports, impressive if its only half true, ehh?
You guys enjoy the sub - $2 prices. The convenience store next to me is still $2.34/gal. I saw gas as low as $2.20 in Lubbock the other day. It's taking it's time coming down out here.
This week, it's in the $2.10s in Raleigh and the $2.20s in most of West Virginia. Cheapest I've seen this week is $2.08 in Wytheville, Virginia.