Good Meteorology textbooks

Sep 25, 2006
I am looking for good material, that is good severe weather textbooks so I can do some studing this winter. I saw Howard Bluestiens textbooks, they looked good, but i thought i would ask the experts around here to see if you guys could recommend anything. I have this insatiable desire too learn this field thoroughly.

Thanx guys
Chaston: Thunderstorms, Tornadoes and Hail
Doswell: Severe Convective Storms
Eagleman: Severe and Unusual Weather
Rauber, Walsh, Charlevoix: Severe & Hazardous Weather
Ray: Mesoscale Meteorology and Forecasting
Vasquez: Storm Chasing Handbook

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Dr. Bluestein's books are written to be used with the senior-level Dynamics course at OU, and are very math-intensive. Additionally, I found the derivations somewhat difficult to follow since he likes to skip steps in some places. If you have a strong calculus/ODE background and some understanding of thermodynamics/dynamics then it would be a good book. I don't know what your background is, so I have several suggestions that you could choose from:

Some basic books:
Meteorology Today by C. Donald Ahrens (very basic, little math involved)
Weather Analysis by Dusan Djuric (more advanced, with a more mathematical context, but still with a good variety of material)
Meteorology for Scientists and Engineers (a lot like Weather Analysis, emphasizes other material)
These books were used in my freshman and sophomore level meteorology courses.

More advanced:
An Introduction to Dynamic Meteorology by James Holton (makes a good companion to Bluestein's books)
Severe Convective Storms edited by Chuck Doswell (AMS monograph with lots of technical articles but a great source if you're looking for really juicy information)
Radar for Meteorologists by ___ Reinhart (first name escapes me - a good book for radar interpretation, basic theory, and use in forecasting/operations).

If you're pretty familiar with meteorology and just want a good book about severe weather and tornadoes, then I definitely think the Severe Convective Storms book would be a good investment.
I am not an expert, but I like the book we are using for our SVR & Unusual Wx class.
SEVERE & HAZARDOUS WEATHER BY R. Rauber, J. Walsh, D. Charlevoix. Looks like that gets a second vote since it was already posted.
Also the Vasquez Wx series are excellent books.
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