Gibson Ridge and AllisonHouse

Finally am going this week to purchase a laptop! Now, time for the data:

I am going to download GRLevel3 ASAP. Am looking at Tyler's site and such and am just wondering what exactly it can provide through GR's program. I would like to have my radar and other info wrapped up into one nice little package on the screen! :rolleyes: Any replies or suggestions are appreciated!!


Whatever kind of laptop you purchase make sure the video card will do smoothing ! You'll regret it if you don't. Read GRL forum on smoothing.

I would recommend that you simply download the program first (register it if you intend to keep using it) and simply use the free data for a while. This will allow you to get familiar with the program and see if the data it provides is adequate or if you would like more. There's a great support community on the Gibson Ridge forums that can answer specific questions/problems you might have along the way as well.