Getting started equipment recomendations

I run mac

My computers are all Mac except for a desktop compaq I don't use much.

A imac g4 is my stormchaser laptop that I will use burning DVDs with Roxio Toast 10. I use it for wifi and it is really great especially with the big screen.

I may also burn with Roxio 9 on my desktop Imac.

There are atlas and GPS software for Mac (I can find out the specifics in the future).

My wife who does not chase with me has her macpro but does not use the intel side. She does not have to.

There is lots you can do with your mac on the road. There is more flexibility to if you have the windows side and you can load and run the only windows/ pc stormchaser chaser software packages (which I don't obviously don't use myself - yet )
I'm new to chasing to but have learned what so far works and doesn't work lol

I use a MacBook Pro having bootcamp with windows XP. Mainly use radar lab HD for the Mac OS X and Windows compatibility.

Data- I have a verizon UM175 USB Model with a external antenna which works VERY fast 500Kb/s to 3MBps in most areas.

I also have my iPhone Jailbroken to T-Mobile and use a tethering app to use T-Mobile data when Verizon is no where to be found. (Oklahoma Yuck)

GPS software- I got the Deloreme but i still find paper maps to be the best.

Hail Damage- I'm right with ya. I got a 07 Scion TC and it's pretty much my baby but i only take it chasing when i have to and stay good distance and smart chasing to keep the car in the same condition. Luckily storm chase partners help with my car issues and let me tag along for i would quite say a much more intense chase experience