Environment Canada ob error?

Apr 1, 2005
Goodland, KS
Noticing towering Cb's to my north, I ventured to EC's website to check out the radar. Sure enough there were storms well southeast of Winnipeg. Decided to check out the current obs for Winnipeg and was surprised to see a funnel cloud being reported. Went back to the radar but there wasn't anything within 75 km or so of Winnipeg. Hopefully John Hudson can verify whether this was accurate or not... Here are a couple of screenshots I grabbed...

EDIT: Would have helped if I attached said pictures....
EDIT 2: Couldn't get the screenshots from my computer added as an attachement so I'm uploading them and will add them in as soon as that's finished.
EDIT 3: OK, let's try this....



Yeah, probably an error, lol. Still, one would have to wonder if they have a "tornado" current obs. graphic. After this year, Springfield, MO should have one.
Hi Chris,

There were in fact some funnel clouds observed well north of the city of Winnipeg late in the afternoon; these were probably produced by that cell you see on the screenshot that is about midway between Winnipeg and Gimli.

Also, a tornado was spotted on the ground around 9:00 pm near Petersfield, also north of the city. This report has since been verified by Environment Canada.

A good deal of the severe thunderstorm activity takes place north and east of the city; as storms pass within the vicinity of the lakes they ingest a great deal of surface moisture. I've seen small thunderstorms move through the city that almost die out, then explode violently just 40 minutes east of here as they pass over the Whiteshell region.


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