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Email forwarding of NWS warnings?

Hey, all. Has anyone had any success getting NWS warnings forwarded to their email inbox? Are there any services out there that provide this sort of thing?

If not, this could be a very simple serivce for someone to set up. How would this be useful? If you own a cell phone with data capabilities, most likely it can receive text messages -- and if your phone can get text messages, it is possible to get text messages via email. Thus, it would be possible to, when you chase, get warnings sent to you via your cellphone as they happen.

Gmail offers a forwarding service that can do just this -- just create a filter to look for certain senders and keywords, and bingo, you can get emails forwarded to your cellphone (without the original sender knowing your cellphone's "email address", which is important if you don't want to start getting cellphone spam.)

The NWS already offers RSS feeds for watch/warning info, but as far as I know, they don't offer the option to have watches and warnings emailed to you. There is a service on the internet that will forward RSS feeds to your email address, but only once a day. That doesn't do much for people who need their warnings within a few minutes of issuance.

What I was thinking is that someone could set up a service to parse the free NWS RSS feed and autoforward that feed via email to anyone who signed up. Maybe break the feed down by warning, county, and state; lord knows I wouldn't want to get 50 emails for a freeze warning issued for every county in Nebraska. This is way beyond my abilities, but there are a lot of nerds here. :lol:

If I find a way of making this work on my own, I'll be sure to share the info here. Has anyone else found a way to make this happen?
I subscribe to a service called storm now. It is very inexpensive and you can literally get any kind of NWS product they issue. you can get it via email-SMS-fax. I think for the email, it is only like $2.00 per month. I am very satisfied with the service. The url is www.stormnow.com
Thanks, Mikel! I'll give that the free two week trial and see how I like it. Two bucks a month isn't much at all, and I can shut it off once the chase season is over.

I think this combined with Vasquez's auto-nowcast bullitens could make my cellphone a damn-handy gadget while chasing this year. :)
Since, most of the time I'm limited to chasing around Kansas I have signed up with a local television station for free :D. If interested, you can signup here.