Economy Chasing

Well...with gas prices going through the roof, I had to re-think my whole chase strategy this weekend. I ended up (for the low price of $100, because I am friends with the person) buying a Subaru Justy 4WD. It is a 2 door hatchback, so room is limited, BUT, it gets an average of 40 MPG, and the four wheel drive will help out also. I doubt that I can fit everything that I normally use during the season into the car, but a majority of the big stuff (lightbar, radio console, etc) I use mainly for either emergency management of fire dept. so I will leave those items on the truck to use locally.

Some bodywork (which I will do at my friends shop) and a few minor items will have it as good as new. I will also make this my daily driver. For $100, I can afford to work on it as needed, especially as parts are both cheap and easily available.