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Distance Learning Met degree programs

To All,

I am in the US Navy and my rate is an Aerographers mate. Weather has been my passion for many, many years now and I desire to continue to do meteorology when I leave the military. I currently have a little over six years left in the Navy and I am having the hardest time finding a distance learning bachelors degree program for a BS in geosciences, meteorology, natural sciences, etc...

I know that there are a quite a few members of this forum who have degrees in weather related fields and any help would be appreciated.

Mississippi State is the only online degree program I know of in the weather field but that's tuned towards broadcast meteorology. USDA has a more intense program but it's just a certification in meteorology. I don't ever imagine a full degree program would be online.
I have done some of the Mississippi State thing and although alot of people diss it - I think if you are already into weather and have a passion to learn more then I think it works great. The main thing is having the passion already and have a decent general understanding of weather already. I know a lot of people who have went to what they call "the real universities" and they dont know much more than those who went through Mississippi State. You should definately consider it.
Regardless of it being dissed, the MissiState distance education only helps you in a job search if you are on TV. It won't work in other meteorological careers (at least getting hired.)
From the website:

[FONT=Times New Roman, Times, serif]The OMP can supply up to 52 hours of university credit which can be applied towards a Bachelor of Science degree from Mississippi State University.[/FONT]
So if you go through their distance learning program and plan on going to Mississippi State, then you can get a head start. Not sure if it's transferable to other universities...