Delayed radar on WxWorx on Monday 6/13

Dan Robinson

I had an unusual issue with WxWorx in Missouri on Monday. The radar images were 20 to 40 minutes old. The timestamps were current but the reflectivity images were not.

This really threw me off as the storm was *way* ahead of where radar showed it to be. East of Rolla on I-44, GPS showed that I should have been 30 miles ahead of the first signs of rain, yet I was in the middle of a core with hail and heavy precip - with lighter skies *behind* me rather than ahead of me.

I am used to a 5 to 10 minute delay with radar, which is an acceptable norm that can easily be adjusted for on a chase. I was wondering if anyone else had this problem on Monday. It is the first time I've had it happen with WxWorx.
I chased in Iowa on Monday and never had a problem nor have I ever had that happen to me. The only time I have noticed problems with radar being off from the actual location of the storm is when storms collapse.
I experienced similar problems with the St. Louis radar on Monday. It was not updating correctly on grlevel3, wxtap, the NWS website, or WxWorx I believe... I think it was an overall problem not just WxWorx.

Dan Hinch
I have a sneaking suspicion that the timestamps are really only telling you when your receiver pulled down the radar picture, not when the picture itself was built. Then again, I may just be a little jaded, as their hardware and software have crapped out on me as of late.