Dash Camera Mount "Sticky Pod"

While StickyPods no doubt have their purposes for other applications on/in a vehicle, I don't think dash-type mounting is their strong point. I've not personally experienced this however, and speaking out theoretics, were I to get one, I would go with this one: http://shop.store.yahoo.com/cinemasupplies.../wicamonew.html

I've been very enticed by it's ergonomics and adjustbility, so that would be my first choice, personally. If run a search here, you'll find some other threads on StickyPods and other various dashmounts if you care to look for alternatives that may better suit your needs.
Ya, it appears that the “dash mountâ€￾ Sticky Pod is just a work around. I was just wondering if anybody had actually used it in that fashion. They claim to have sold many units to “University chasersâ€￾ in Minnesota. I like the Filmtools windshield mount you linked, but the $173 price tag is a bit much. I may try to piece something together using Ram Mount parts, but kind of looking for a little more mobility.