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FOR SALE: Filmtools Gripper 115 XL camera mount

For sale is my dash mount that I have used for the past two in and out of my Jeep. It has been an absolute trooper and lasted through several windshields. It spends all of its time in my car, suctioned to the window. I keep it attached for months at a time and only find that I need to repump the plunger on it once every 3 weeks.

The only reason I'm selling it is because it does not fit my Canon XH-A1s. I am tired of getting shaky footage with my HD camera while my smaller SD miniDV cam gets solid footage out of the front of my car while in motion. If you have ever watched my stream you have seen a sample of how well it holds my camera still while in motion.

The asking price for this new on Filmtools site is $102.75 plus shipping and tax. I am only asking 80 for it and that includes shipping to anywhere in the CONUS. Outside of there and I will have to add 25 dollars to the price.

Bellow are a few of photos of the mount. The last two are from the Filmtools website while the first three are of my actual mount. You will see it can hold my large Canon but only with it on top and not when its hanging off my window. This is not because the Canon weights to much, just because it is too big and bulky.

One thing I should note. I am using the little extension bar that this comes with still and will still need it so it is not included in the sale. it does not really do anything for this mount and this will still fit any camera fine that is smaller than a Canon XH-A1s. For my larger Canon I need the Gripper 116 which is considerably larger.




Images from the Filmtools site:

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