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Creature Comforts-Head Rest

Jon Gacke

Well, I've got the chase Jeep in the garage (finally heated) and am looking at how to make those 900+ mile solo day trips a little more comfortable/endurable. I really could use a comfortable/adjustable lumbar support and an extended (up & forward) headrest, as I'm sure a few others of you out there could use as well.
I'd like to find a bulky, stable headrest add-on for the Jeep bucket seat or a "how to" so I could build my own. A testimonial on a lumbar support would be appreciated as well. Looked around the internet & haven't found what I'm looking for yet.
Any help would be appreciated!
Hi Jon;

I used a lumbar support pad from an office chair I had and found it worked quite well; this one has an adjustable strap on it that goes around the seat. I've seen similar products for sale as well. A quick search on Google for "lumbar support pads" yields all kinds of results.
Thanks John, I'll peruse the office supply possibilities. I'd like to try something in person or get that testimonial, as I've been skunked buying over the internet "sight-unseen" before.
I think looking deeper into this as i have the same issues is in order.. Of course we all know that vehicles below 30k do not have comfy seats.. I mean they work fine for around town back and forth to work and an occasional drive now and then but really..

We need more comfy seats in our vehicles. I have considered tearing out our Honda Element seats and replacing them with some other kind. Of course engineering and fabricating then becomes an issue.

I feel your pain..

Go down to your local boneyard and find something VERY high end, like a Mercedes, BMW, or Lexus. Yank the seats and go lay your hands on some steel strips. Bend and weld up some brackets to bolt them in and go for it. You will need to run power and ground lines for the higher end power seats of those lines don't already exist in your car.

I see you said you have a Jeep. Knowing most storm chasers, I'd venture to guess that it's an XJ Cherokee (why not, I had one). There are higher end seats made for those that came in Limited and Country models, which are leather and very comfortable. Search your local wrecking yards. With those models last year being 2001, a lot of the nicer XJ's are becoming pass downs to spoiled inexperienced teenage drivers in rich families, which can mean only one thing. Junkyards full of wrecked Limiteds and Countrys.

Here's my old one.
Good idea about the higher end seats - it'd be especially good to find a bolt-in seat rather than having to modify one.