CO-OPS Storm Surge Live Web Site


Sorry if this has been posted elsewhere, but this easy link here might prove interesting to many folks:

Here, we can click on a site, say Louisiana for purpose of discussion, and suppose we happened to be interested in the storm induced ocean height anomaly at a site, say SW Pass, LA, we could click on that site or any of the sites. The "residual" term is reflective of the storm surge height do the storm that you'd want to know.

Currently, we are 3 feet anomalies on average but I'd expect these numbers to get really interesting soon. Also, you can get SSTs and other met data at these sites. Interestingly, Lake Ponchetrain temps are falling slightly as the gulf water moves into that area.

Note that the normal high tide predictions (shown in blue) for Grand Isle/SW LA Pass will most likely correspond to the highest water rises associated with Katrina.....thus adding ~2feet to the surge.