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Cingular Subscribers

I sort of discussed this topic, but no worries. My suggestion would be to go with the Novatel ... for one this is the latest aircard that provides the highest class with the GPRS/EDGE and now the HSDPA networks ...

In addition the card gives you the option of attaching an external RF antenna to the jack that is supplied ... I haven't been able to figure out the type of connection that is neccessary for the connection ...

Reviews have commented it performs equally to the Sierra Wireless Aircard 860 ...

I would suggest to read through these forum posts for some further insight:



KEEP IN MIND THE DATE IN WHICH THEY WERE POSTED ... sometimes I even get thrown off and think it's 'new' news ... but companies make changes, update firmware, etc, etc. The best think to do is to view opinions but always view the LATEST threads before making decisions.


Google "Novatel U730" ... that's what I did :wink: