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Bill Hark

Jan 13, 2004
Richmond Virginia
While I am at home anxiously awaiting my time to chase storms across the Plains (after May 13 when I'm sure there will be another death ridge). I enjoy reading chase reports and blogs.

Here is one group that is regularly updating with reports:

Does anyone else have links to chasers or chase groups who are regularly updating including down and bust days?

Bill Hark
I have a blog I update just about daily and more... I'm using it as a way for friends and family to keep track of me... also a good place for me to post my forecasts, thoughts, and other weather-related goodies! I'm always posting to mine and I invite you to check it out!

On my blog page, I have linked the blogs of others I follow, including Amos Magliocco, Verne Carlson, Jeff Gammons and the WXVine Crew, Roger Edwards, Kurt Hulst, and Mike Umsheid (dude, we need to go bowling once; I'll bring my ball) just to name a few. We swap out links on our blogs and it seems to create a cool little story as we pick at forecasts and talk about stuff... they're great to have!
Originally posted by Ryan McGinnis
Mine is fairly new, but can be accessed at:

BTW, Tony -- does your blog have RSS or Atom support? I'd like to add you as a feed if you do. It makes keeping up with blogs 10,000 times easier. :)

Yeppers, it does... the address (I think is what you need - not sure) is...

I'm not 100% sure how the XML works just yet, but I know its there...

Originally posted by Tony Laubach

Yeppers, it does... the address (I think is what you need - not sure) is...

I'm not 100% sure how the XML works just yet, but I know its there...


Awesome! I've subscribed to ya.

Basically, XML makes it so that anyone with a certain program called a "news aggregator" and plug your address in and have your blog delivered to them instead of having to go and fetch your blog from your website. If you don't want to use a program because you bounce around on computers a lot (like me), you can use the website:

Bloglines is really simple to set up -- give it a shot. Just sign up for an account, plug in some XML or Atom addresses, and every time you come back there, it'll let you know if a blog has updated, and if it has, you'll see the update there.

Very useful program if you read a lot of bloggers. I never used to, until I stumbled across chaser blogs. :)
Thanks Ryan! I'm gonna give the site a look and see how it works; I do subscribe to many blogs and would be nice to have them all in one easy area to access!

Originally posted by Kurt Silvey
Here is my Blog / website. I'm not finished, but try to do a little every day or so. Will try to catch up with updates & pics tonight.

Kurt. Very nice!

I did the SPC feed too.
Trying to get it together for Chase '05. Flying into KS on Wed.

Chase blog;

Wish I landed in Omaha a few days ago. (Yeow!...). Love chasing in NE.
Maybe we'll see you out there in a few weeks.


Thanks for the kind words Doren. But it appears I have a ways to go after looking at your site. It’s very nice and clean, more like the look I was after. I didn’t find a blog program that really worked, so ended up with Mambo. I’m not using it as intended, but it seems to work for me. I really like the “currentâ€￾ conditions. Where do you get the feed from
Originally posted by Kurt Silvey
I really like the “currentâ€￾ conditions. Where do you get the feed from

When I began working on my blog I was using WordPress (open source blogging software) and found a plugin called Weather Report. This link will prompt a download. You might have a look at the Documentation before downloading. There is no Home page for the Plugin. That's why I'm typing direct links.

I've been using Movable type for a long time. And with my chase dates rapidly approaching I gave up on Word Press and went back to the familiar Movable Type in the interest of time. Because Word Press is all PHP and MySQL it was easy to adapt the plugin. The Documentation was clear about how to do this too. The documentation is quite good for an opensource freebie. I just started playing with it. It's pretty flexible. I furrowed my brow and scratched my head a few times. But it was pretty easy to get up and running if you are comfortable making a data base connection.