Central Texas Wide Area Repeater... 147.140, Pl 123

Joe Dorn

Feb 27, 2005
Belton, Texas
I have just been approved for the StormTrack Forum and would like to make the chaser/spotter community aware of our very wide area repeater located near Eddy. Texas (MM 315 on IH-35) at 1600 feet. Its call, frequency and pl is:

W5BEC 147.140, PL 123 (positive offset)

The repeater has reliable coverage from Hearne/ Bryan-CS to San Saba and from abut 10 miles north of the IH-35E/IH-35W Y near Hillsboro to Round Rock. Coverage usually exceeds this depending on the mobile rig or antenna being used.

We also have EchoLink connectivity to the hams at FWD during major events.

The repeater's primary purpose is emergency communications and weather reporting but is open for normal communications most of the time.

I normally am watching weather from my computer until it becomes a local event and have available DAWS, WeatherTap, GRLevel 3, RealEmwin and a long list of NOAA sites. If I have any screen space left over I will have the APRS UIVew program running with radar underlays. (I have dual screen monitors on two computers at peak times)

(we also have an APRS digi (W5BEC-5) at the same location)

There are several other 'Regulars' that have at least good radar programs and NOAA info available to them.

I want to encourage the chasers and spotters to use the facility when you are in the coverage area. I normally monitor 24/7 except when sleeping as do two others. Please feel free to check it out.

During weather events we encourage spotters to use their local SKYWARN nets and to leave the repeater open for the mobile chasers and wide ranging spotters. Stationary spotters without a local net are most welcome.
Thats impressive coverage!! When I lived in Austin that was an area we loathed chasing in for the simple fact that the Austin repeaters didn't quite reach and cell phones were spotty at best. Does it cover down into the Llano area? or is that a bit of a stretch?

Thanks for the info.

Graham Butler, wx5svr
graham.butler at ttu.edu
The repeater covers about a 70 mile radius except to the east and north east of the site The antenna tower gets in the way in that direction. We have had Llano stations check in but probably they were on a hilltop or had a better than average antenna system.

We are surprised quite often by a new distant station checking in. Usually five watts and a mag mount is all that is needed in the fifty mile radius.

If you are passing by give us a call and tell us you heard about it on StormTrack...