canon GL2 3 chip camcorder $899

Apr 13, 2005
Jackson, Ms
I'm looking to upgrade my digital camcorder and have been looking at this Canon gl2. Does anyone have any idea how this camcorder performs or have suggestions of a similar model that they would suggest. Also I found a to good to be true sale online and would love to see what if you guys know anything about this company and the sale. I want to jump all over this, but since the next best price on ebay is almost $2k I've got to wonder. Thanks so much,
Brandon Clement
This store is one of many shady bait-and-switch shops to be avoided like the plague.

Stores like B&H Photo and Video ( ) are the only way to go for high-end equipment like this. Any low price on a prosumer or professional-grade camera is always suspect.

If there is any doubt about an online store, you can check out, but when spending this much money it's better to go with the trusted names for peace of mind.
Dan is on the money.. avoid them like the plague.. B&H or EVSonline are the only two reputable places im aware of in the video community. if there were others.. i would have heard of them.

Before you buy from any online retailer check them out on Resellerratings as linked to above. I have ordered from many online retailers for cameras and computer equipment and only order from those retailers that have a rating of at least 8.0 and I make sure that they have more than just a few votes, at least a hundred or so. I have not had any problems with any of them.

I too ordered a Cannon GL2 earlier this year. I am still figuring it out so I cannot give you a real review of it. The only thing that I do not like is that when you turn the camera off or to standby that it automaticly reverts back to auto focus. And in the heat of the moment I usually forget to switch it back to manual and end up ruining by video as it focuses on raindrops on the windshield.

I also got a $250 rebate from them the other day so the camera cost me about $1700.

Hope this helps

Thanks a ton for all the help. I will surely use the link when shopping online in the future. I thought it was too good to be true!! Looks like you all just saved me a lot of time and hassle!!!
Brandon, dont rely on reseller ratings.

Heres why.

These companies do what is called saltmining. Wherein a group of these vendors who all seem to be the same small cabals out of New York most loosely affiliated. They get online and report good service and results about their company.

If I were to work for you and do a good job, you might tell 2 or 3 people. If I were to do a bad job then maybe you would tell 10 or more people. I dont feel that reseller ratings is reliable as a source of information about retailers to do business with.

I have lived a nightmare when I was new to the business with over a 2,250 purchase (Sony PDX 10) I made with an online retailer that was listed on reseller ratings with a good rating yet still screwed me. I gave them the cash and waited 6 weeks for an in stock item that never came.. I had to file with the credit card company and on and on.

Many of these other companies that you purchase from may deliver the goods yet not be an authorized seller despite their claims. This will void a warranty. I could go on and on but Im at work right now.. Stick with B&H.

My 2c