Camera Problem

Dan Cook

Dec 12, 2003
Lombard, IL
So last night I was taking pictures and my camera turned itself off and didn't retract the lens. Thinking that the batteries had died I replaced them, but it didn't fix it. The camera doesn't respond to any button commands or anything.

Is it fried?

I've got a Olympus d-540
Tripple check the batteries. Got a voltage meter?
Have you tried it w/o the memory card?
If that doesn't do anything, try leaving the batteries out for a day, allowing any corrpupted(?) settings to go away (takes ~5 hours my Oly 3000).

IMO, a year or three is all these things are designed to last. :(

Batteries I'm assuming are good as it was from a new package.
Tried with out the mem card. no dice.

I'll try your other idea, hopefully that'll work.

When I had an Olympus D-460, when that happened it was due to the batteries. Replacing them would take care of the problem.

I looked on line, but didn't see any reset button. Maybe there is a hole for a paperclip to poke?

Does it power up at all? Look for a broken or corroded battery contact.

Give the power switch/dial a few dozen on-off cycles.

Semi-gentle whacks into your palm may bounce something in a the right direction.

Perhaps there is some sort of overtravel limit switch on the lens(?) Try gently pushing it in. If you hear plastic gears grind, you're pushing too hard. ;)

Good luck.