Well, I'm looking to upgrade my camcorder, from the current Canon Optura Pi ... I've looked into the following:

Canon GL2, XL1s, XL2
Sony VX2100, PDX10 (DVCAM), PD150/170
Panasonic DVC-30/80

Since I only want to spend ~$2100 or less, that narrows the list down to the GL2, VX2100, PDX10, and the DVC30/60 .... I've read excellent reviews on the GL2 and the VX2100 (which seems better than the DVC30 and the PDX10 in low-light scenes). So, in the end, I was wondering if anyone has experience with the VX2100 and the GL2. I know many chasers use the VX2100, so I'm also looking for folks who've used the GL2. It seems that the low-light scenes (which is a concern for us) is better on the VX2100, but the remainer of the features favor the Canon GL2...