Best Photo taken during 2004?

The following is one of my best tornado photos. Although it is not big, the tornado has an interesting shape. Near Jamestown, Kansas May 29, 2004. Fuji Velvia 100, Nikon FG.


This rotating wall cloud was in Russell Kansas on May 17, 2004. A tornado never formed but it was pretty cool.


Bill Hark
Allouez, WI (suburb of Green Bay) June 13, 2004:

[Broken External Image]:

[Broken External Image]:

The NWS in Green Bay has a page with more photos of this storm:

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It's no supercell, but I'm a newbie, give me time.
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One of my favorites from last season, taken on June 10th near Big Springs, Nebraska:


Is that snow or hail on the ground?

Here's my personnal favorite picture for 2004.

I took this picture on August 11th. This is the best funnel picture I have taken so far.. Man! I was freaking out when I saw that funnel, almost had the impression that I could stretch my arm and touch that thing! hehe :lol:

Might you say, what's the big deal with a funnel cloud? Well, here in Montreal, Canada, tornadoes are rare (I have never seen one so far) so when we see funnels here, we are very happy! hehe

[Broken External Image]: generale/funnelaout11.jpg
Here are probably my 4 favorite tornado shots of 2004...

<img src= width=400 height=300>
Big Springs, Nebraska -- 6.10.2004

<img src= width=400 height=300>
Big Springs, Nebraska -- 6.10.2004

<img src= width=400 height=300>
Large tornado w/ satellite Freeport, Kansas -- 5.29.2004

<img src= width=400 height=300>
Large "wedge" tornado Conway Springs, Kansas -- 5.29.2004

Mike U
Great pics, all of them. Hopefully next year i can get some better ones, of course first i need some decent storms to chase, which are pretty rare here in michigan.