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They just keep adding great tools. I give two thumbs up to the new pages recently put up by SPC! Anybody down there reading this, we appreciate the efforts!
Great link, Scott thanks!

The SPC folks are really coming out with some neat stuff lately.

If all goes well this year, we'll be expanding the number of "zoomed" mesoanalysis sectors from 3 to 5 or 6. That will hopefully allow more consistent coverage during the late spring and summer.

We've got another addition sitting in the background, if you like sounding analysis:


These are .gif image output from the latest version of NSHARP.

Rich T.
so, how do you go about getting a single image instead of a loop?

I saw the archive link at the top, Rich do you have maybe a list of the filenaming conventions used?
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This should be a very helpful tool for looking back on an event.
Data avaliable all the way to May 2005.

-Scott Olson
Anyone else getting a forbidden error when visiting this site?


That's strange! The link worked fine when Scott first posted it. Perhaps SPC is just doing some site maintenance?

Must have been, I just tried it and the everything worked fine. Rich are there any plans on being able to retrieve the actual sectors? Keep it up, some nice additions for the SPC suite of information.