Anyone chasing on 5/10 in Eastern NE / Western IA?

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I might be doing some chasing tomorrow, chase budget is kinda tight right now unfortunately.
Anyone planning to chase tomorrow?

I am. :D

I'm already at 2200 miles for this chase trip (since Thursday) LOL. NM to Colby KS to Burlington CO to Childress to Brownwood TX to......I'm now in Belleville KS (14 miles S of NE on US81)....and 835 miles from home. This will blow away my previous high mileage for one trip (which was 7 days, same as this will be).

Cindy, thinking about it, gonna check day 1 shortly....funds are tight also...........damn gas prices are killer.....although showing slight drop. Good luck to all, hopefully bag some tubes tom.
I'm thinking about it too

I'm a excited about today. :D The target area is close to home. The only barrier is my husband - he does not like me chasing storms. LOL Gee, I wonder why?

Although I am a trained spotter for the NWS, I am a rookie when it comes to chasing. I'll probably go out, but I will stay pretty close to home.
Hopefully I'll run into some of you guys out there.

Good Luck and be safe!
I thought today would be a good day for chasing just here in Omaha, but it looks like the boundary is going to sit just north of us (Columbus area). I can't get off from work to chase outside of the area.

All of the weather forecasts in Omaha have all ruled out even the chance for thunderstorms tonight.
Im probably going to chase... I have a meeting at 6 PM but will leave if something real good pops... CAPE is expected to be around a whooping 4000 j/kg here... .by far the highest all year... the only thing that worries me is the dewpoint sitting around 50 right now...
Waiting patiently

At roughly 2:30pm, the dewpoint in Des Moines is up to 57.
Plenty of sunshine and heat, but no clouds/convection in sight.
The NWS upgraded E NE / IA to a moderate risk for storms.
I guess it is going to hit here later tonight.

Anyway, I'm sitting tight and waiting for things to pop.
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