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Anyone chasing Hurricane Ivan?

Anyone chasing Hurricane Ivan?

I leave the UK Sunday on route to Tampa to chase down Ivan – Really I don’t want to get into a debate over the ethics of hurricane chasing – but if anyone else here is planning a Ivan chase can you email me your contact cell phone numbers – I would like to have some contacts the ground.

All the best

Stu (at) ukweatherworld.co.uk
I wish I could say I was but I would like to be fully prepared to go off chasing a hurricane, and just don't have everything I need as of yet. Hopefully one will come swinging by NC for stormwatching sake this year.
I found a voicemail on my cellphone this morning from someone chasing Ivan. He said, "If you plan on chasing this one and driving down, you better bring about ten extra gallons of gas in seperate containers. And you're going to need to bring---"

At that point I deleted the voicemail. LOL. I love stormchasing, but not that much. I have followed the Weathervine adventures pretty closely for each of the last two canes. Frankly, it sounds like a real pain in the butt. I'll watch the video.
I am in New Orleans if the system comes anywhere near here I am gone. I will only go to higher ground so If the system happens to come here I will give reports and video. Emergency Management very worried.
ya, I will be chasing Ivan. As previously mentioned, dont forget to buy extra gas.. There was no gas available on the east coast of florida at any time durring Frances, over perhaps 200 miles of I95. Ive got 2 extra tanks worth for ivan. Floridas panhandle is pretty long.
Well, Once I get older and richer I might be up for a few storm chasings, but as of now all I can do is stand back and watch the news on these storms !
I plan on moving out on I10 towards ~pensacola tommorow night. I want to be near my final position at dawn wednesday, giving us plenty of daylight to scout around.

anyone have any guesses what the gas situation in tallahasee is going to be like?
Sure wish I was there for the landfall. One thing I like about storm chasing besides tornadoes, is incredible wind gusts - Which obviously is present in hurricanes.
Probably will be leaving early Tuesday morning from Raleigh, arriving in Pensacola by sunset. Truck is packed and ready to go, just awaiting some new info from the models and NHC advisories. 5AM will be the deciding time.

How much stuff do you bring on a hurricane chase?

[Broken External Image]:http://wvlightning.com/ivan/supplies.jpg

There's about 7 more bags of food/snacks in the cab. That *should* cover it, I hope.
Originally posted by Bridget Beddow
The beer is in the cooler right??

Yeah, it goes well with killing time. The torrent of rain feels less colder too. :D
ya that looks exactly like the back of my car.

about the same amount of water and gatorade, 24 gallons of gas on the roof, a bunch of snack food and a case of MREs.
What do you do when you have to go to the can and everything is closed, you have 80-100mph wind and horizontal rain? I am considering doing a short local simulated hurricane chase by driving through a local car wash with my windows slightly cracked a few times, maybe jump out a few times during the process. I guess the only difference from the real thing will be is that I will have a full tank of gas to get the car was for free.
When I am climbing and it is cold and snowy outside my tent I go in a bottle. Serious, a gatorade bottle works great, just label it!
With landfall possibly being only a 12-14 hour drive from Norman (a closer drive than South Dakota or Iowa), I am tempted to go. I would probably ride it out way inland though- just getting into 70 mph winds and recording the low barometric pressure would be enough to make me happy.
Originally posted by Dan Robinson

There's about 7 more bags of food/snacks in the cab. That *should* cover it, I hope.

How many gallons of gas? I can't tell if you have 2 or 5 gallon cans...I'd assume 5 gallon cans, but I'm not sure.
Originally posted by Caleb Lawrence
How many gallons of gas? I can't tell if you have 2 or 5 gallon cans...I'd assume 5 gallon cans, but I'm not sure.

22.5 gallons to be exact. Four 5 gallon and one 2.5 gallon. I figured on having a little more than one extra tank.
allright im going...staying the night in pensacola and then probably moving a bit west at daybreak wednesday.

good luck guys
This was not an easy decision, but I'm holding off on this chase. Just too far to drive with so much uncertainty.
Who says chasers are indecisive?

I'm reconsidering reconsidering. Possibly leaving at 5PM if landfall is still in daylight.
LOL, you've only done that because I just corrected myself that you wouldn't be meeting Stu after all! ;)