any 1-month wireless internet rates?

Jan 13, 2005
Ithaca, NY (school); Melbourne, FL (permanent)
I've been looking through some wireless internet packages. Right now, Cingular is offering a Sony Ericsson GC83 PC card that is free after a mail-in rebate. However, the wireless contract is for 2 years at a time, and $79 per month for the unlimited data transfer (what we need in order to continuously get radar/satellite images). Does anyone know of another wireless plan that is more affordable for stormchasing only 1-2 months at a time each year?

Check with Sprint PCS. They have an unlimited package for $80/month. Their regular voice plans have a no contract option for an extra $10/month above the regular rate plan. I'm not sure if this would apply to data plans as well.

877-349-4413 and ask to speak with someone in the data services department.

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Thanks! Everyone here is watching Big Red hockey intently this weekend. I know some people who will actually be driving all the way to Minneapolis to watch.

Anyway, I will call Sprint PCS to see what they say, and then post my findings here in case there are others who are interested. One reason I chose to try cingular first was because they had merged with AT&T, so it would make sense that they might have higher coverage.
Cingular has great coverage in North Central OK and South Central KS. It gets spotty as you move west. I love the Cingular plan except for one thing.... The Price! My aren't they proud of their service?
Im using the $74 cingular plan - AND it doesn't have a contract - when I chase I turn it on when Im not I turn it off - its prorated
PLUS Im using the trucker antennna and find that it all works real good (at least here in CA)
sorry to bump this back to the top but from being on alot of other large forums (specifically my offroading forums) I've learned about the power of the search feature. :wink:

anyway those that are running the Sony Ericsson GC83 card, how do you like it over all? for $80 a month i find it affordable in that I plan to use it for my entire internet needs. this means at my apartment too which is in a busy part of mobile, AL so I'll have coverage. I priced out getting cable internet at the apartment and then started looking into data options for chasing and i think this is the way i'll go for year round use.

If it works great then the 2 year contact is no big deal...

also does anyone know what type connector the detachable antenna uses so that I can hook it to a wilson antenna?

edit: dang, I just noticed its MAY!!!! WoooooHooooooo!!!!
wireless internet

You may want to look at Verizon: their national calling plan (500 anytime minutes, unlimited nights/weekends) starts at $39.99 per month. No extra costs for data, as your computer time comes straight off your regular minutes. ALSO: you can bump up your anytime minutes whenever you wish, and drop it back down without any penalty or fees. I usually use the base plan ($39.99) for 11 months, and then upgrade to an unlimited plan ($79 - $99) for the month of May when I chase. When I finish chasing, I drop the minutes back to my original plan. No charge for any of that feature is very nice. Coverage in the KS/NE seems really good using a Wilson antenna, and decent in TX/OK too... and if you are closer to any mid-size city you can usually hook up with their Express Network (up to a 115kbs connection). -DC
Cingular wireless

I just purchased a new Sony Ericsson Edge pc card gc83........called a local retailer.........they are saying that i have to add an additional line.......then it's 94.99 a month with a 12 month contract. WTF?? anyone know how to do this without a contract?????????
Mobile data with Sprint PCS

I have been using Sprint PCS for years . I pay $79.99 monthly for unlimited data. I use a Sanyo 4900 cell phone with a data cable. I use a macintosh PowerBook Pismo and it works perfectly everytime. I havent driven out in the boondocks yet to tell you about fringe coverage, but I cand say that i have been all over the country and the only place I didnt have coverage was a small part of Interstate I-40 on a indian reservation. You can get a sanyo 4900 on ebay for about $25.00 and if you need a data cable for it is about $20.00. I can help you find a cable if you wish. keep in mind that you can buy a Wilson cellular antenna that can increase your reception about 3 fold. Most Sprint reps are retards. If you go with them I would haighly suggest you open a business account. Those people seem to be smarter. Fell free to email me if you have any problems with Sprint.

lmao hahaha rarrrr!!!!. my friend taught me a trick on a laptop with a wireless card that ill cherish for life. free high speed internet anytime anywhere. lol. once i learned the trick i now use it everytime when im on the road with a laptop pc and a wireless card. basically its a point and click thing and incredibly easy to do and it always always works and it only works with high speed internet :D. my friend showed me the trick 2 years ago and ive used it since then whenever i needed wireless access to the net and so i dont pay a single penny and i still get all my data and downloads that i might need and best part of all its 100% legal :p.
free internet?

well, you might be doing something that really isnt a secret, its called wardriving, aka using your 802.11 air card to pull up near by businesses that dont protect there networks, that is illegal if your doing that.

Or you could be doing someting with the number #777 ????????

If you are going chasing for less than a month you can always take advantage of Cingular's 30 day return policy. You can cancel your service and return your equipment within 30 days if you aren't satisfied. You just pay for the service you used.