A Tornado Chaser Ponders Hurricanes

Nice, I think the covers how we all think about chasing 2 different things.
Thanks guys. Been desperately trying to figure out why www.cycloneroad.com isn't redirecting to my homepage for the first time in 6 months (of course!).

I'm looking forward to getting in wind too, though I guess some of the chasers bailed out on Bonnie this afternoon since she was a letdown.
Great article Amos! I too have been contemplating hurricane chasing but haven't decided if it is really what I want to do. Are you going with Jeff Gammons? Have fun (or as much as no power and stale cinnamon rolls will allow) and say HI to Charley for all of us!
Will be interesting to see your reflections on this experience, from a tornado chaser's point of view.
Nicely written article.......... Happy hunting

Would love to experaince one as an adult . Went through one in the 60's as a youngster in New Port Richey just N. of Tampa. Very long scary night.....
Mike Peregrine wrote:
Be sure to check it out ... well written piece. I think you should go for the hurricane experience, A.

Awesome deal!!

I've posted it before, but I'll post it again in case nobody saw the post from an earlier thread.

If anybody wishes to intercept a hurricane in NC and wants a place of shelter in case they are forced off the roads by law enforcement or for some other reason, I will be more than happy to allow an open door. I just need forwarning. My roommates are very friendly and they love a good hurricane party and in their eyes, the more the merrier so it would be no imposition at all. I would just need an email first as I am unlisted and would be difficult to find me if you just happened to be in the area. I'll always have plenty of food though!!

Happy Hunting!!
I chased Adam, a category 1 hurricane that blew through here on december 3, 1999. This was a 1-in-a-100 year event so eventhough it was dark and my footage came out mediocre I still cherish that I was a part of this rare storm. One thing I will never forget was the howling wind and the house creaking.

I'm actually (unintentionally) going to end up directly in the "projected path" of Charley. My father's birthday is today and we're having a little get-together at my parent's house. His name, ironically is Charlie and he's from Florida - so I may end up with some pic's tomorrow as well.