A new alltime record has been set!

Dec 18, 2003
Lubbock, TX
January 21st marked 87 concecutive day of no measurable precipitation for Lubbock, TX at the official recording station at the Lubbock International Airport. It is now at 88 days and counting.

The previous record was held by by 1921 and the record books go back officially to 1911.

Things around here are DRY folks!
Wow... I'm kind of astounded you missed out on the latest storm. But I guess these things are building further and further west with each system.

Things are really soggy out here in east Texas. We're not caught up, but 2 inches plus a day (today) of low evaporation have done wonders.

The eastern half of the south plains got a few tidbits of sleet, but that was about it, the western half never got touched. I noticed higher level reflectivities, but it was all evaporating before it hit the ground.

It's REALLY dry here and I am not kidding. Just walking in the yard kicks up clouds of dust. I was talking with my chase partner the other night, and we discovered we are both putting lotion on our skin because its so dry. It's like the atmosphere is just sucking the water out of your body. I personally can't seem to drink enough water.

I saw some pictures in the paper of some of the few area lakes we have, and they are getting WAY down. If this keeps up, the dryland farmers won't be able to plant a crop and get it to germinate, and the irrigation farmers are going to start seeing some dry wells!

This is BIG long term consequences for an area like Lubbock whos economy revolves around farming. Especially since we saw two record cotton production years the last two years.