9/22/05 REPORTS: Great Lakes

Feb 8, 2004
Detroit, MI
Left Roseville (Detroit) to intercept at least something today. A few decent CGs and a couple good sunset photos didn't really make up for the 2HR drive, yet, it's been awhile since I got any type of convection.

Complete report with pics:


<img src=http://midwestchase.com/9-22-05/CRW_1322-tn.jpg>
I watched a nice bow develop east of Grand Rapids after 4p, but didn't want to go north because that activity was going to remain elevated and I was awaiting the big show closer to I-94 south. Ended up with warnings for the action there so had to make the trip east on I-69 north of Lansing. Made it to US127, did a U (are chase vans "authorized vehicles" when it comes to the highway crossover? ) and ran back through. Gusty winds, lots of rain, but no excitement.

Several rotating cells found along and west of I-69 from Battle Creek to the state line, so I raced south hoping to hit them near Coldwater. And that's exactly what happened. Just south of Coldwater I saw a rotating wall cloud so was going to get up to the next exit and evaluate. After a few more glances - I determined that waiting for the next exit wasn't going to work so I pulled off. Looked vigorous with strong inflow / upward motion quite visible, haven't had a chance to check my video yet but I didn't see anything compact enough to have been worried. Followed that as it moved ESE across I-69 and it went right over my head at Exit 3. Seemed to broaden up a bit and weaken as it headed towards Indiana then I lost it in the rain.

No Internet access in that part of I-69 (from I-94 to I-80) so I went just south of the Turnpike to get some new pics. Looked black to my northwest, and radar confirmed with a new SVR for Steuben Co. I parked just north of I-80 (SR120 specifically) along I-69. More torrential rain, mixed in with some dime sized hail, and winds gusting to 50-ish. Nearly continuous lightning. And it just kept going. And going. Easily 20 minutes of it. Finally tapered off just a bit, so I drifted west on 120 and came across some good tree damage within 100 yards of where I was (but vis so poor I had no idea it was happening.) Turned eastbound towards Fremont IN with Skywarn reports of golfball hail. Vis still was horrible due to rain, and it was so dark due to clouds, that the trip didn't go as fast as I'd wanted. Ran over a few large branches, saw one area east of Fremont where the hail was piled all over lawns and by the side of the road with fog crossing in front of me making my near-zero vis even worse!

Continued east along the MI/OH line but looked like things were now quieting down. And the setting sun made it bright enough to be able to see the road finally. Headed back towards home while the cell in SW Hillsdale starting winding down. Saw a beautiful moonlit anvil, mammatus and all, with tons of lightning shooting out. Unfortunately that area is so full of trees that I never was in positiion to get good video.

4.5 hours, 275 miles -- sad to say that late September brought my only good chase of 2005! But it was clearly worth it, as it made up for my 3 hour / 200 mile chase to Indiana on Monday that brought me nothing but some lightning -- from my front porch after I got home...

- Rob
Rdale Our encouters are almost exactly identical. we saw the same storm same time i bet as well. i was west of Kinderhook as i observed this wall cloud quit close i might add. But i did the same thing on monday and yesterday made up for the long haul of monday. Were you the one who reported the drifts of hail and fog to 147.180. I also was able to head south and east to get out ahead of this thing and as i went through ANgola i looke to my Northwest and and could see mid level striations and a some banding with lots or PRecip to my north wich told me it had transitioned to HP. Simply beautiful though i could not stop and take any pictures since i had no true clearings till i exited the city. in which i came to a awesoem tail cloud feeding into a wall cloud with rotation. but it finally was over taken with outflow and gusted out. Im working on pictures right now ill post them here either tomorrow or sunday.
Well i was able to put together a panaramic of the supercell i encountered west of Kinderhook MI.


Full report will hopefully be up on the site later tonight if not it will be later in the week


Made another one! 7 miles east of Angola IN. This wall cloud with a now HP supercell had strong motion in it, but was quickly destroyed by the cell behind it. Had a nice white tail cloud feeding into it

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