Tornadic Supercell In Detroit. With Pics...

Feb 8, 2004
Detroit, MI

Well, I got bored and decided to play with layers and blending in PS -- and came up with a supercell pushing just north of Detroit -- or about just over my house :lol:

<img src=>
<img src=>

(click on the link for more)
And I thought I was the only one who had to much time on my hands, an spent 5 hours on PHotoshop a day since 1999, it's good to see there are others spending time on there too...but I've been doing it for too long I think.
Actually, it didn't even take me that long... To blend all those pics together, and to make the entire page probably only took me an hour. Yes, winter has indeed set in (a few more monthes, and we'll be back to normal) :lol:

I think you'd have a decent shot at getting on with TRADD.

Nope, I have seen >30 real tornadoes :wink:
Is this really a Weather Lab-type post?

Well, how does this sound... This thread is a lot better then the zillion recent topics of snow, fog and all the related. I'd rather have something related to severe thunderstorms on this board for once in this season...
Hey hey Nick... I'm not picking on your threads, don't pick on mine! :twisted:

I don't mind Nick's picks (lol), if you don't like to look at them then don't. I would say the same to Nick about my winter storm threads :x:

Anyway, it's winter time... So get over it - there will be snow.
Lasso Tools, Extraction Tools, Clone Tools, Cut Tool, Layers and Brushing....that's what I can also use the brushing from scratch method....