8/9/2004 FCST: High Plains

Figured I'd start a new thread for those of us here in the High Plains with yet another post-frontal upslope event in the works for today.

NWS actually make mention of severe in the local clickable forecasts across the entire Eastern Plains and Front Range Foothills in Eastern Colorado.

SPC does have a 2% for tornadoes out further east across Colorado, however, I would say the possibility exists for a couple weak, short-lived landspouts east of Denver near Watkins and Bennett. The main threats listed today are hail and high winds, and I will go out on a limb to say that at least one severe storm with hail will roll someplace over the immediate Metro area as this period in August usually yields something to that affect. For the past 3 years, not including this one, I've seen hailstorms nail the Metro area in August, normally during this weak with the exception of August of 2002 when a beautiful LP yielded the strongest potential for a tornado touchdown I've seen in the western part of the city. Hail came with that storm as well!

Anywoo, that's the thread starter, and I'm sure a few locals (hehe, we're locals now) will chime in before things get going. Storms expected to fire in the mountains around 2p and move onto the Plains where things oughta get interesting from there.

Good luck! 8)
Today and possibly tomorrow (although farther south) look promissing for severe weather around the Denver metro area. I hope to get out of my last meeting at work at 3pm and head out. Seems like everything fires along the palmer divide and Elbert county gets the brunt of it so I'm going to target that area once again.