7/18/06 DISC: ME

My inlaws are at a summer house on Islesboro, an island just off the Maine coast east of Lincolnville. The island was hit around 3:30 this afternoon by a severe T-storm that I happened to notice was warned for Lincolnville, and apparently the damage is extensive. In addition to power being out all over the island and on the mainland, large trees are down everywhere -- they lost 5 big trees at their house alone.

There are reports of golf-ball-sized hail (consistent with the warning) and an unsubstantiated report that the equipment on the ferry, which was docked at the island, measured a wind gust of 91 mph. That seems really high, but perhaps it's possible, since the warning said the storm was producing winds in excess of 70 mph. Anyone ever hear of T-storm winds that high?

Anyway, inland Maine was apparently hit very hard too, especially Augusta and environs, where there may have been a tornado. News report here:


We're having quite the exciting summer here in New England! :blink: