6/7/04 FCST: SD, ND, NE

Matthew Havin

GFS 992mb low progged over W SD on Monday the 7th at 0Z. Discuss.
I guess I'll probably chase this setup tomorrow. Initial target is Watertown SD. Not exactly what to think of the setup. 40-50knts at 500 atop some good instability will get me up there for sure. Guessing 850 and below will be rather weak along the front? Temp/TD spreads might be kind of high, but there IS plenty of moisture to keep the dews up. Currently 90/75 in an area in far ne OK. Low 80s over upper 60 dews in most of eastern NE. Could be one of those west of the twin cities days for sure.
Yes, Mike, that is truly a good news/bad news outlook.

Oh to have that hatched area shifted about 100-150 miles to the SW...

Oiling up the chainsaw...

Anyone ever see 35c at 850 before?

I'm seeing 35C at 850mb in places where 850mb is subterrainean or right at the surface. Denver is close to 800mb +/- and it gets to 100 degrees there. So, not too significant.
At the time the eta had the 35c well into sw NE, which sfc of course is well below 850mb level.