6/22/06 NOW: IL / IN / OH

Feb 23, 2006
Lafayette, Indiana
Decided to through this thread up. Tazwell Co, ILL is TOR warned just south of Peroria trained spotter spotted a tornado in that county. Severe T-Storm Watch 537 is now up for east central ILL and Central IN until 2:00.

With Dewpoints above 70F and no problem with morning insolation, I see the still existent 3,500j/kg cape posibly growing more and ILX sounding data has great paramters for Supercell's and Left moving Supercell's. Let's just hope ANY supercell comes along, It should be interesting to see what the weakening MCS over N. Illinois does as it nears the Indiana border harboring an MCV, later activity could be very intersting/dynamic. Look forward to today as High pressure shouldn't kill the southern extent of storm today (hint: southern Illinois/Western Kentucky under warnings already).
Finding myself in Rimington, IN again today watching the severe cell coming out of Pontiac, IL if it keeps on it same heading I'll be in direct line of fire of it. Just sit and waiting for now.

Per the latest MCD, much of Ohio, and large portions of IN, ILL are going to be upgraded to a modereate risk at 1630. More than likely for the possibility of a damaging wind event. Hopefully today goes better than yesterday did. Lots of cloud cover over the risk area messed things up.
Just got back from one the shortest but worthy chases of 06'. Drove 5mi. north to pick up a friend and drove south 2mi. to watch the storm backbuild (in the nick of time to hit us hard). Eventually Fountain county (my home and chase location) went severe warned and some gusty winds of approx 40mph went by before some torrential rain and hail between penny and quarter size. Got home to a yard full of hail at various sizes. Stiff updraft to the South and magnificent display of mammatus tells me that this thing is going to ravage Northern and Central Indiana today. Central to Southern Indiana, (not counting out Southern/East Central Illinois for initiation location) will be the place to be today. especially if some isolated storms pop behind the building squall/MCS. Definetely not over yet! Will post pictures later when a REPORT thread is created.
I don't see any way that anything would pop behind the MCS - air is dry and stable... It would have to be the southern half of the state.

...and a quick edit as IWX canceled all of the watch behind the squall line...
Left home about 9 this morning and went to Remington, IN and sat and waited until the storm made an adrupt right turn straight for Lafayette, IN! Around Fowler, IN ran into some crazy winds and nickle size hail. Reported a lowering wall cloud just west of Goodland, IN. I'm thinking in the same lines as rdale for this evening, but it's Indiana and anything can happen. Looking at most of the storms this evening staying south. But won't be surprised to another watch issued for central IL/IN
Chased SE indiana. A crap load of rain and I measured 45+mph gusts at one point but nothing much beyond that. With temperatures approaching 100 and clear skies by the time the storm got to SE Indiana I thought it was going to be a little better than it was. Oh well...was worth cutting out an hour early from work :p

A couple of the skywarn nets are forecasting activation very late tonight but I dont know...wasn't all that impressive earlier and with all the rain the first storm dropped I think anything that fires up is going to be supressed.