6/20/05 TALK: SD/MN

I know it doesn't amount to much, but for those who are suffering amidst the lack of activity and searing temps...

From two counties to my NNW...


Also, a huge line formed across MN earlier today and still seems to be going pretty strong. The state has been cut in half by severe thunderstorm warnings. I haven't decided if I will go out yet today or not.

There's a good possibility of HP supercells over the next few days - IF the cap breaks. So if you're desparate looking for any action, you can head up this way.
Currently 63 degrees in St. Cloud, MN following approximately 1.1" of rain in ~25 minutes which included some 1-1.25" hail. Meanwhile, temps nearing 90 in southern MN.
Severe Thunderstorm Watch now issued for a track right across me and a little north. Tornado Warned cell took a turn and is headed slightly more towards Brookings. That "fleeing from tornado" article is sounding a bit better. I'm sure not staying at work...even though I work in the basement (dungeon).

You're right about that heat. It's intense out there. Immediate sweating when you walk outside. Had a friend at a family reunion this weekend that got heat stroke along with a few other people. Definitely hot out there. Well, here's hoping nothing happens to the house.
Just sitting at home waiting for this line to hit me. Almost 90 degrees here at noon, may not impress you S Plainers but thats impressive (and oppressive) for MN.
Well if somebody could, add IA into the title of this. A nice line of storms has came through here. Several trees down, a building damaged in Spirit Lake, IA. Wind gusts were estimated/reported in excess of 70 mph with dime to nickel sized hail.

This line continues to move southward now through northern Iowa, capable of very strong winds.
Anybody watching the HP supercell that formed near the Sioux City, IA area that is moving SW?
It also has had some bands moving around the rotation clockwise, although on velocity the rotation appears to be cyclonic. Its kinda unusual.
Yeah I've been watching these as well, to bad its not about 4:00 P.M. right now, I'd be scootin on up there :cry:
Anybody watching the HP supercell that formed near the Sioux City, IA area that is moving SW?

What a looooong day of driving all over the place. Was up nw of Sioux Falls watching garbage. Drove back south and thought I could catch the best part of the line in n IA. Drove east and knew I wouldn't make it and I didn't. Drove back to Sioux City and was thinking of making it an early night. This was roughly 500 miles later. I drove west and watched the storms on xm to the nw of town. I figured they'd be pulse like everything all day and get smacked down by the cap and weak surface inflow winds. Soon as I get on the interstate and go south it updates and there is a good tight gradient of dbz on the western side with the new scan. I was like, hmmmmmm I bet that looks decent right now. Kept going thinking it would crap next scan. I pass one exit and right after it xm updates and it looks even a bit better. I then changed my mind and planned to go at it again, but had to drive 7 miles s to get to an exit to turn back north. Got gas on the n side of Sioux City and continued on and a couple scans made it look worse. Kept going. The surface winds had now changed alot from what they'd been all day...weak. I think at one point Sioux City was se gusting to 32mph. This really helps. I get on it at the Vermillion exit and go east as the east side had a big lowering with it. This quickly changed and it was all shelfy looking but not pushing out. Then the wild motions in the shelf start as the eastern precip lets up. Then everything decides to go WEST. It was quite interesting. I go back west to the interstate and watch it unfold from there. I couldn't believe it when this thing manages to take on some supercellular structure after what it just looked like. It was pretty impressive looking just west of me. Then the winds kicked in...HARD. They were blowing basically wsw and at one point shred the hell out of these trees to my se. Figures right when it did it I had just set the vid cam down to grab a couple quick stills. Still got some more shredding on video though(the way the tree was coming apart with no hail I'd guess they were over 70mph). It was just very windy with some really cool structure unfolding very close at the same time. It made all the driving worthwhile. I thought it was forming on the west side and then going to just drop straight south. So I hop on the interstate in the craziness and watch it decide to move nearly straight sw. Spent the next couple hours trying to get ahead of it, which I did north of Norfolk(big mistake was not going to Vermillion and going south there). By the time it got to me there it wasn't very impressive. Headed home after that. 680 miles for a storm that was probably 90 miles from here. I was impressed with xm this day as I had it running from around noon till after midnight and it never missed one radar update. Pics later.