6-04-05 Brown County KS pics and video

Excellent page, Bill - I'm anxious to see the video later this afternoon when I can get away from this dialup - -

We must have been close to each other - looks like you had more of a view from the south for the most part, as the tornado was moving off to the right. The debris cloud surrounding the condensation funnel was quite a sight to behold. In several parts of the video, and in a couple of pics that I'll post later, you can also see smaller condensation funnels barber-poling around the base of the tornado.

Nice work, Bill - congratulations on a successful chase - and fortunately one that does not include human loss beyond property -
:shock: Excellent job to both Mike and Bill. I was out but I chase blind so I did not see anything interesting. Once again Good Job.

Hiawatha KS tornado

That was some awesome footage you guys caught, thanks for sharing that.

Bill, this videocapture left me puzzled.

Is that debris streamers I see between the two telephone poles, or maybe vortices of some kind?

I'd be inclined to say debris streamers, but their appearance mimics multiple vortices moving around a common center, to me anyway.

Again, great video!
Bill, I posted a report in the Target Area section with my pictures as well as a link to your website. Did TWC ever pick up your video? I've got an awesome still photo of you with the tornado crossing the road in front of you. PM if interested in a copy.
Thanks for posting that, Stuart - we kept leapfrogging with Dave Ewoldt's car and was curious where he was as this was going on - - - quite a video there. Somber indeed - incredible!
Wow... That one house sure got lucky. It looked like the tornado went right through it, and it appears as though it only suffered some blown out windows (if you watch the top left window, you can see it blow in/out). That other house, though, was completely destroyed... I assume everyone lived though?
Wow, from our angle all we could see was a large pile of debris get sucked into the funnel, now I know where it came from. Hope everyone was alright.