5/20/04 TALK : TN/MS/AL/GA

Aug 28, 2004
Sylacauga, Alabama
Looking at a prefrontal bow echo/LEWP going on now in KY/TN diving south. This will be great for outflow boundaries over my region in Central AL tomorrow. With 0-1 KM SRH AOA 200m*2/s*2 I believe I will have a fun day with lowering LCL's as Td's rise near the 70° mark. SBCAPE reaches 2500j/kg by mid afternoon.
05/20/2005 TALK: ND/SD/MN

Supercell in Cass County, ND attm with absolutely classic radar presentation; GR level 3 currently indicating 3 TVS and echo tops nearing 50k'.

yup... i was just looking at the Fargo radar and that thing is absolutely amazing on radar... wonder if anyone is chasing that thing... the left split in MN is also tornado warned....
Well what a day. Got up to Fargo and started to see a blob start moving in. It was very unorganized. However the SPC Mesoanaylsis and RUC forecasts indicated it was about to move into an area that was very favorable for supercells. Didn't see any tornadoes but got to chase both. A little frustrating but very exciting.