5/13 NOW: OK/KS/TX

matt biddle, mark svendold and i are currently traveling down i44 just north of wichita falls. today presents a very confusing setup with virtually no CAP and lots of cape and weak 700 flow. we were not prepared to leave so early especially after getting back to norman at 2am from yesterday. the line extending down to knox county in texas appear to be nearly stationary and training. we are thinking of playing the middle ground between that line and the line further east of wichita falls where insolation was occurring the last time i checked a satellite image. possibly around the triple pt?
SPC MD concerning Tornado Watch 198 mentions a Mesoscale Convective Vortex(MCV) over SE TX. Thanks to the BAMEX project for verifying the existence of these in bow-echoed MCS's That is the first time I've heard of an MCV mentioned in a forecast product from SPC.

Also, some big storms going up to the west of there, near the triple point.

MD 200 explains the tornado threat is the greatest on the tail end storms in central TX. Rotation has only been short lived to this point.
I am having a heck of a lot of trouble loading the NWS pages and have pretty much given up trying to see their graphics. I have gone to COD and Oklahoma Mesonet for radar data and SPC and Kamala for warnings data.
I'm having chard time buying into the tornado warnings on the western watch. Been driving down this thing all day, and all I've seen is one gigantic gust front. Will wait a little longer, though.