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4/16/04 NOW: NE/IA

MD out. I'm not sure to wait here or what.....may as well head up I-29 I guess..that way something nicer can pop in NE and I'll have to find a crossing to get back across the river. I hate chasing in this part of the state.
Im debating whether or not to go.....SPC not looking for a TOR event....and its a 2 1/2 hour drive........i think i will wait and see
Radar breakdown -

Dir/Speed: 208@16kt
MSO - none (of course)
TVS - none (naturally)

Will keep watching it - Good luck - and have fun - it's not that far from you. Should be some lightning out of it soon -
Yeah I wouldn't drive that far for this. I doubt a watch will happen. Only reason I'm considering it is because I can see that storm right now. Waiting around cause it's moving away and I'm hoping something will pop further west into NE. It's really looking mushy now.

C'mon Jeff tell us what is happening!!!! It's right over Jeff..lol.
Can See the Storm Clouds from Lincoln NE


I was on my way home from work and driving north out of downtown Lincoln NE. I can see way off in the distant horizon to the north of me was a group of thunderclouds building up. When I got home I checked the weather radar and was very surprised to see the rain clouds forming just south of South Sioux City IA.

Latest radar loops indicate the storms south of Sioux City is heading north/northeast. And the cloud tops are being blown off to the east it looks like.

I checked Yahoo Maps and determined the distance from Lincoln to South Sioux City was about 150 miles. That's quite a distance for a group of thunderclouds to be seen from. I wonder what's the clouds topping off at??

It's 88 degrees in Lincoln NE, south winds 21 mph gusting up to 31, dewpoint is at 48 degrees and humidity right at 24 %. Pressure is steady at 29.76. Due to the low humidity, the heat index slipped to 85 degrees.

Would be interesting to hear about what rain amounts, hail or wind comes out of this storm system. Keep on chasing!! 8) LJK.
If you wait you might get something better further west -

the cu-line is extending pretty nicely now on satellite and shows some potential for growth along the boundary -

Risk area is now outlined as slight right over your neck of the woods.
radar returns are looking unimpressive....think ill just sit this one out and hope for tomorrow and sunday
Yeah the visibility is throwing me for a loop too. It's about 70 miles from me and it really looks like it's 20-30 miles. Likely due to the extreme lack of moisture in the air.

I've had zero hope for that storm, but since I sat here now it will ride that boundary and pull of some insane magic. You can see it turn right on the last couple frames. Based off the convection behind it I will venture to say there will be a new return west of it in 10-15 minutes.

Poof 'storm' number1 going bye bye.

REPORT: Thunderstorm passage.

Thunderstorm that moved over me was unimpressive.

Cumulonimbus by definition only due to some rainfall, very little anvil appearance.

Despite 45-50 DbZ radar velocities, little in the way of rain actually fell, even under the strongest echoes. No precipitation shaft apparent, no cloud to ground lightning. Calm winds.

I would be hard pressed to call this a thunderstorm if I did not hear the intracloud rumbles above.

Meteorological term: Thunderstorm due to thunder heard at time of observation. My term? Crap.
Another storm popping up in NE

Affirmative on the Severe Thunderstorm Watch for Iowa. It's a little confusing right now, because the dewpoints in Iowa is not that impressive (45 or less).

The NWS radar out of Omaha looks a little cluttered right now, but I can see a second storm firing up just SE of Norfolk, NE. It also appears to be forming along a faint blue boundary line thats moving south. I would if this is the funnel boundary that is sagging south and kicking off the few storms we have seen so far?

Keep your hopes up guys (and gals) 8) LJK.
Too bad they're in low-50s dewpoint air (if that) and soon to be affected by a boundary crossing that will bring upper 30s into the storm environment.

All winds around the LA/TX coasts are blowing right off the water, so it's just a matter of will the moisture reach far enough soon enough. Not really concerend about IA, but KS/OK/TX are looking righteous about now.
Interesting that there is a 22 degree dewpoint spread between Sioux City and Omaha along the Missouri river now. Could be helping to fire the cells in western Iowa and eastern Nebraska.
Here's a very nice image I saved from OAX just a few minutes ago showing the storms along with two outflow boundaries that are forming a triple point of sorts. Notice where the storms are in relation to those features.


Pretty cool huh? I love seeing interesting things such as this! It just proves that often you will see very cool things, even on days when the tornado threat is minimal. Or at least that's true from a cyberchasing point of view.

A timelapse shows neither of those are outflow boundaries, noticable because they aren't moving away from the storms!

The N/S line appears to be some sort of dry punch, with the ne/sw line being the front responsible for the storm development.

- Rob
Good eye Rob! I never bothered running a loop and just assumed those were OFB's. But either way, it's not everyday you see something cool like that, so I am glad I saved the image.

Bow echo starting to go over central Iowa, 60 mph winds being reported by schoolnet stations, it seems to be taking the front farther south all the time, maybe that will be good news for us in east central iowa tomarrow.
Second the Motion for Bob!!

Hey Bob,

Thanks for correcting us on our Doppler Radar interpretations on what we thought were outflow boundaries. You said one was a dry punch and the other one was a frontal boundary. I did think it was a little strange for a outflow boundary to trail a storm system like a boat wake in the water.

I was outside on my swing with my wife earlier this evening in Lincoln NE and I mentioned to her the fact that the outflow/front will be here very shortly. I said there will be a wind shift and it will feel "cooler". A few minutes later, my predictive words came true. The winds went from calm to a gentle breeze out of the northwest. Not bad for an armchair weather forecaster, huh?

The fact that the front is sagging south this evening will be setting the stage for more severe weather tomorrow both in IA and in NE as well.

Get a night's rest tonight, storm chasers. You will have a big day tomorrow. Go get 'em!! 8) LJK.
Doppler Radar images

Just looked at the bow echo going past Des Moines, IA this evening. I can see a beautiful outflow boundary setting up around the front side of the bow echo.

Good night storm chasers. Will be a busy day tomorrow!! 8) LJK.
Re: Second the Motion for Bob!!

Originally posted by Larry J. Kosch
I was outside on my swing with my wife earlier this evening in Lincoln NE and I mentioned to her the fact that the outflow/front will be here very shortly. I said there will be a wind shift and it will feel \"cooler\". A few minutes later, my predictive words came true.

LOL! I said the same thing earlier to my girlfriend and she was impressed lol. Except this was a gust front. The winds went from southerly at around 15mph, to 45mph from the west. Unfortunately the complex rappidly weakened as it approached our area. Still cool to watch though... 8)