3/13/07 NOW: TX

Jason A.C. Brock

Severe thunderstorm watch has been issued for a huge chunk of Texas. A little more sunshine than expected along with some adequate moisture has led to some at least margianlly severe hailers and wind makers a possibility today. Watch includes areas such as DFW, Waco, San Antonio & Austin.


also see earlier MDC

Also slight risk was pulled further north as of 11:30am

Here in Wichita Falls temp has rose to 74/52 while altus is sitting at 57/52 & Vernon 59/57 with some locally dense fog reducing visibilty from 0.25-2.5 miles. The fog is clearing however. Also some mushy looking CU has formed SE of Wichita Falls ahead of what seems to be a possible weak outflow boundary from storms near Mineral Wells. Moisture is lacking somewhat here but perhaps we can get a marginally severe storm in the area before the day is out.

Storms are indeed not at last glance developing further North into Archer county and even some Isolated cells trying to form back near Knox county. I would not be surprised to see a few marginally severe storms NE of the Tstorm watch. Storm in Palo Pinto county (Mineral Wells has also gone severe). I may head out for some chasing yet I doubt ill see much. Im taking time lapse of the CU field buildin now. Glad it is spring break.

I also know that everyone knows jsut about where every single piece of data they could ever want is located but I also noted no posts on the current situation and Just wanted to let everyone aware of it while most are at work and usually will jsut glance at ST many times instead of going through all their WX favs.
Then again most weather weenies are aware of everything arent they? ;-)
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The mini-supercell east of Abilene TX has some interesting looks to it...with a nice tight refl. gradient on the Stephens-Eastland countyline. Some slight suggestion of shear as well....probably a pretty storm given it's location away from the convective cirrus shield.
3 lines of thunderstorms across S Tx. Strongest line moving through Goliad and Victoria Co. The tail end charlie line that is N of Alice, Tx looks like it is trying but the chances for hail and downbursts with this line increases as it marches E.

Edit: Also a cell all alone in the area of Junction, Tx in Kimble Co. The little burger looks like its starting to spin actually?!? I wonder when a warning is going to come out for the cell? Nrn cell that is warned is starting to bow. Coma now visible on radar with this line as it also continues to the E.
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