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2013 Up To Date Chase Reports

Now that 2013 is over...
If you are up to date on your 2013 storm chase logs, please post a link below. I hate going through various chase websites not knowing if they are up to date on chase reports. I just completed my chase logs including the Shawnee, Edmond, Bennington and El Reno tornadoes along with a rare Virginia tornado.

2013 Storm Chase Logs

Post your link below!

Bill Hark
I love reading peoples chase logs, and am glad some still take the time to write them. In todays fast pace social media world, these days most people simply toss up a photo or a YT video and call it a day.

Mine from 2013 are all complete: http://www.aerostorms.com/2013-chase-logs/

This thread also reminds me...its time to add the 2014 section :)