2006 highlight dvd- "Mad"

I watched "Mad" last night and whether Mike wants to admit it or not, there are great storms and awesome tornadoes on this DVD. The thing that struck me the most is the creativity that Mike puts into all of his DVD productions and Mad is by far the most creative to date. Another one of the things that I enjoyed was the humor of it all. The scenes of Mike talking to the cows are classic chase humor and only make it more enjoyable to watch the great storms. All in all, the different aspects of this DVD wrap into one very cool production.

Another Hollingshead blockbuster! lol Nice job Mike, your talent as a storm chaser AND producer precedes you. LOL

I Enjoyed it all, but for me, I really liked the "round" storm in Beatrice for some reason. The way it revealed itself from the precip was awesome. I was on the edge of my seat when you were forced to drive back into that core due to bad roads. I was thinking, OH MAN, this is not gonna be good!

As usual, thumbs up on another great DVD Mike!
I watched most of this over the weekend, and I'm not disappointed. The non storm comments and production are just as entertaining as the storms themselves. :)