2005 Storm Reports!

Well I fianlly have all my storm reports up and pretty much finished. Been so busy that it was extremly hard to get to them all. What you'll be able to see in my storm reports/pictures are stroms from:

March 30 Peoria IL with Amos M, Mark Siefried, and I-
4-29-05 Pine Bluff AR/MS-
5/10/05 Grand Island, NE mothership-tornado!!!!!
May 12 South Plains, TX- tornadoes!!!!!!!!!!!
May 13 Crowell to Haskell, TX-tornado!
May 29, Clayton-Logan, New Mexico-
May 30, Trinidad-Springfield,CO-tornado!!!!
May 31, Texas-tornadoes!
June 2nd, SW Kansas-
June 7, Wanblee-Kadoka, SD-tornado!!!!
June 9, Hill City, Stockton, Ellis, KS-Tornaoes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
June 12, Kent County Texas-Tornadoes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
June 16, Harper/Beaver Counties OK-tornado
June 26th, South and North Dakota-tornadoes!!!
June 28th, Faith, South Dakota-
June 29, South West, MN-Tornadoes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
July 3, Rock Falls, IA-Tornado!
Sept3-5, MN-ND storms-
Sept 22, Kinderhook,MI- Angola,IN Supercells

Hope you enjoy

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Does the number of exclamation marks denote how good the tornado was? :lol: So tornado!! wasn't as good as tornado!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ? :wink:
Well, I myself use "!!!" to rate tornadoes, for instance:

<img width=300 src=http://www.midwestchase.com/9-June-2005/tn_692005628PM0003.jpg>

<img src=http://midwestchase.com/12-June-2005/tn_vidcap17.jpg>

:lol: :lol:
Looks great Kurt. Congrats on a good year and lots of naders!

Also, that SW MN footage is real nice. Looks real close and quite a tall tornado. Didn't look to strong but very beautiful in the sunlight. Good catch!!!
Great Kurt, you finally got it all updated, awsome! I enjoy looking around your chase accounts, especially your lightning shots, your so good at! Hey, thanks for referencing to me for stitching the panorama's on the Sept 22, Kinderhook- Angola, IN Supercells Chase account, I appreciate it, and thanks for asking me to do it!