2005 SKYWARN Recognition Day: December 2-3, 2005

I must say that I had a blast working the event on and off throughout last evening and today. I contacted 25+ offices during my lackluster effort. There were a few mets on the air that I spoke to who had graduated from KU and had chased this neck of the woods.

For those of you who have considered participating and have not, you should definitely get involved next year. Get that license upgrade and have fun on the airwaves!! Yes, there were many offices that were connected via IRLP, Echolink, and APRS, but it's not near as much fun as breaking a pileup!!

If you live near an NWS office be sure to contact them ahead of time to see if they are participating, and who you need to contact to work as an operator for a few hours. I worked the event from home this year, but have enjoyed the opportunities to put in a few hours at the Grand Rapids and Topeka offices. It's fun no matter where you participate from.

73 de Tim