2/13/2007 NOW: LA / MS / AL / FL

Jun 12, 2004
Athens, OH
Mini Sups spinning onto shore in LA around 2 AM this Morning. Rotation and warnings. Nice little collection of cells to watch on radar.

Avery island home of tabasco sauce is at risk !

Was shocked to see 6 Tornado warnings this morning when I woke up . Lots of reports of damage coming in from LA. Anyone on the gulfcoast going to chase today ?


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Supercell with a persistent Tornado indication has been moving from near Biloxi to Pascagoula and is holding its own strength.... Very powerful storm with confirmed tornado on the ground now.
Lots of reports out of MS and LA of twisters spotted not just radar indicated

about to go under a warning here in South Mobile
There are three potentially tornadic supercells over western Alabama right know. All three showing signs of strong rotation and nice hooks on them. The tail end charlie cell has got reported baseball sized hail and is looking very nasty.

The cells are moving east at 40MPH and should eventually move into Birmingham, be alert if you live in the Birmingham area.
2 tornadoes have been confirmed on the ground. One Tornadic cell will make a run at Birmingham, AL soon.

Looks to me as if there is high risk for multiple tornadoes in Central AL in the short term based on radar presentation and discrete cells.