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12/25/06 REPORTS: FL

Not bad to be out chasing after nearly dying in a major auto accident on 12-23 (Saturday)! I have put together another post on that one, and it's link is below - The main thing is I'm OK and I was chasing today (Christmas) ...


Some strong and severe storms were intercepted as the squall line plowed through western Palm Beach county in south Florida. My chase account is below...

Dec 25, 5:30 PM: Interception and observation of strong thunderstorms in Western palm beach County, FL near Belle Glade and eastward along Highway 80. The storms were part of a multicell squall-line of strong and severe thunderstorms. The squall line developed ahead of a strong cold front in a moist and sheared environment. The storms intercepted had a spectacular shelf cloud associated with its gust front and produced winds near 45 to 50-MPH with very heavy rains. The storms weakened before reaching the populated areas of Palm Beach County. The storms were caused by a pre-frontal squall line, moisture convergence, surface heating, and an upper-level disturbance. A 2003 Cadillac CTS was used to chase the storms. Documentation was HD video and still digital photos. A tornado watch was also valid for the area that expired at 5 PM EST.

Below are a couple of pictures of some shelf-cloud and other type features in banner format with text.


Left ... Intense precip core of isolated cell ahead of squall line. Right ... Striated shelf cloud approaching.

Happy Holidays ;-)
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