10/30/04 FCST: OHIO- PA- Upper Ohio Valley

SPC has slight chance for severe in this region. A slot of clear weather as dveloped ahead of cold fron allow for some heating. The line of storms from last night has diminished greatly but is moving through the area and may strengthen in the next few hours.

Here in SE Ohio at 1 PM the clouds have just cleared.

Current conditions at Athens in SE OH show temp 73 and DP of 73

Certainly if anything develops the LCL will put the action near the surface.

The front that will move through is fairly strong.

Slight chance for something hapening here or a few hundred miles north.

Such a narrow window due to the short daylengths.

Thought the Plains folks might be ignoring this region so I thought I would start a thread. May not be worth a drive but for those living in the region or cyber-chasing it is worth it.