06/12/04 NOW: NE, KS, MO

Larry J. Kosch

The NWS is holding a MSC discussion about severe storm threats in the NE, KS and MO area. A number of storms have fired up in the Northern KS area and have moved into NE. Ongoing storms in Eastern KS will be moving on to MO. Post your storm discussions here. 8) LJK.
Looks like an early show...I hope people who want to chase that area are already closing in on their targets. Hail to 4" in diameter mentioned in the watch...yowza! I notice band of 500-700 J/kg CAPE in the -20C to -40C layer (hail growth region). I wouldn't core punch blindly today.
Severe Weather in NE

Severe storms are breaking out in my neighborhood. :shock: There's a warning for two counties right next to Lincoln, NE. Just got back inside with good storm front footage. Will have to shut down for now due to lightning threat...bye. 8)
Re: 06/12/04 NOW: Central-Southern Plains and Ohio Valley

Originally posted by Kevin Scharfenberg
Tornado with damage and possible injuries reported in Hardinsburg, KY (SW of Louisville).


That's pretty much the same place the Brandenburg F5 first touched down back on Apr 3, 1974. Let us hope the injuries are minor and the damage light this time around.

1255 AM TORNADO PEONIA 37.42N 86.22W

Does not look good for Iowa reading the latest mesoscale discussion from the SPC...


On other note still waiting for things to develop in S-C Kansas before I head out. Currently in Wichita still mostly cloudy skies, but the sun has came out several times lately.

SPC just issued another mesoscale discussion this time for S-C KS & Central OK http://www.spc.noaa.gov/products/md/md1217.html
Activity looks like it has organized into a large bow echo complex...Probably some widespread wind damage occuring...

Think the threat for a damaging tornado has diminished in southwest IA from this batch of storms, I could still imagine a weak comma-head tornado developing though...

A very large tornado watch box is being issued from central KS into west TX, including hail to 4" diameter.
New developments in NE

Even though the main group of storms have crossed the Missouri over into Iowa, SE Nebraska is still not out of the woods yet. A new line of storms have back-formed from Omaha towards Columbus. And a independent group of storms have popped up in Saline and Filmore counties. That would place the storms SE of York and S of I-80.

Am doing some NOW casting for a storm chaser by the name of Rich Johnson from this area. He is currently heading down I-80 and will be turning south on HWY 15 by Seward. Hopefully he will intercept the storms in the Dorchester-Friend area.

At last count, 16 counties in NE had severe thunderstorm warnings and three tornadoes have been reported so far.

Got some great cloud pictures of the main storm group as it passed thru Lincoln, NE. Will post those for REPORTS later. Back to my Now Casting... 8) LJK.
Originally posted by B Ozanne
Check out the large outflow boundary on VIS satellite moving south into northern Missouri

Very nice looking - Have to love those large scale bow echoes!

I also like those storms firing up to the west as well... :eek:

Check out the cell just northeast of Hastings, NE (UEX)! That thing has a large block of >70 VIL, with storm tops of 45-50K FT, which gives a VIL density of close to 5.5! I would say that storm is putting out some baseball sized hail...

Rotating wall cloud 10 miles north of Joplin. Should be near Jasper, MO around 5:20. Hook has begun to diminish a bit on radar.
Some cells popped up here in Crawford Co. Kansas, decided to sit out in the county and watch the storms as they passed by - didn't go on a chase today because I'm still not ready for another long drive after driving to S. Dakota and back this past week - and saw a couple of weak rotations but mainly lots of reports of golf ball size hail. Of course, not wanting to get within the golf ball size hail I stayed to the west - southwest of the storm and ran into dime size hail.

Something that happened today that I frowned upon... a group of chasers from a local radio station was in the same vacinity as me - in fact they were on the same road just south of me a few ways. They had the disadvantage of trees where as I - further north of them - had a clear shot in all directions of the storm. There were a few low hanging clouds off to my west and southwest but nothing tornadic and they - the radio storm spotters - reported it as a TORNADO! on the ground!

A law enforcement officer went to their location as well as me and there was nothing that would of even came close as being tornadic.. no wall clouds or nothing.. just some low clouds beyond the tree's but nothing tornadic. Anyways, just another reason why spotters must be careful of what they reports... fortunately the NWS didn't issue a tornado warning on this otherwise it'd been a false warning.
Steve Miller (TX) is currently looking into the notch of the RITOR supercell to the southeast of Wichita, Kansas. He reports rapid rotation around a sculpted updraft base with vigorous rising motion and condensation forming. He reported the storm looks ready to drop a tornado.
Congrats to Steve and all those currently chasing.... wish I was out there.
Steve Miller reports a tornado on the ground right now approximately four miles south of Rose Hill, Kansas in Butler County. He reports that this is the second tornado the storm has produced in the last thirty minutes.
That sure is a nice lone cell out their! Its intersting on radar, I like how that little cell popped to the south, and moved straight north into the supercell, wonder what that looked like on the ground...

Hearing reports on the scanner that house leveled near Mulvane & also mobile homes damaged somewhere near there I'm guessing no location was given on that report... Hopefully everyone is ok & good luck to all those chasing today...

EDIT: Also, heard on the scanner that k-15 east of mulvane to the Cowley County line will be shut down. And on KAKE TV the lady whos home was damaged due to the twister near Mulvane was not injuried; she made it to her cellar. More good news was her dog did not make it to the cellar, but was thankfully not hurt.
Butler County tornado reports from the Local Storm Reports: (1)
728 PM 3 SSW Douglass

Cowley County tornado reports from the Local Storm Reports: (6)
749 PM 3 ENE Udall
829 PM 15 W Atlanta
831 PM 11 NW Winfield
855 PM 1 S Atlanta
902 PM 1 E Atlanta
912 PM 4 SSW Atlanta

Sedgewick County tornado reports from the Local Storm Reports: (4)
634 PM 3 S haysville
713 PM 1 E Mulvane
728 PM Mulvane
732 PM 4 E Mulvane

Sumner County tornado reports from the Local Storm Reports: (3)
712 PM 2 SW Mulvane
712 PM 2 W Mulvane
728 PM 1 ESE Mulvane

For Mulvane, 3 mobile homes damaged, power lines down
and most of the city of Mulvane is without power

A new Tor Watch has just been posted for extreme SE KS until 11 PM CST. I'm in the watch area, Crawford Co. KS and if the storm stays on path will hit my town... unfortunately I'm going out with a few friends tonight so won't be able to be out and about to observe the storm.