06/05/04 REPORTS: KS, OK

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Just got back (repost from NOW Thread)

Went out to SW Kansas and picked up a Mothership meso just west of Attica Kansas about 8:00 p.m. This storm (like most others this evening) died once crossing the Oklahoma line.

This was an awesome storm to watch. Banded all the way up, rotating like a top. Heavy hail core to the NE and rain bordered the Meso. Storm travel was SSE. Left this to pick up a storm traveling South at Caldwell Kansas. Tried to intercept this one at Medford Oklahoma, but it died before we got close. Drinving back home, watched another small storm intensift over Tonkawa, OK (All this at night) with lots of cloud to ground lightning. Since US 60 gets me home, I drove right through the core. No hail pressent, but moderate to heavy rain and several close lightning strikes.

I'll get pictures up as soon as I can.

John Diel