04/29/05: TALK: OK/MO/AR/IL/KY/TN

Tornado Warning issued for Panola County. Some rotation noted in mid-levels but nothing to substanial. Storms are moving into an environment with 1000 J/KG of MLCAPE and 200 m2/s2 01-km srh. As writing second tornado warning issued. Decent Theta-e advection taking place in region where storms are gaining strength. Should be supportive of some tornadic threat for the next couple hours. And look at those storms go, with the tornado warned cells 41 & 61 knots.

Looks like the MDT risk verified pretty well today:

MDT risks imply a greater concentration of severe thunderstorms, and in most situations, greater magnitude of severe weather. Within a moderate risk area, at least 30 reports of hail 1 inch or larger, or 6-19 tornadoes, or numerous wind events (30 that might be associated with a squall line, bow echo or derecho) are forecast.

There were around 40 or so reports of large hail of one inch or greater (in size)... Not many tornadoes, though, with only one report... The wind field was unidirectional as expected, but the instability really failed to materialize.
talked to my friends from MSU who are spotting for the NWS Jackson office, they report a massive wall cloud in and around Greenwood with a possible tornado on the ground. I am waiting back to hear from them.